MSc Eng. Anna Leszczynska

MSc Eng. Anna Leszczynska graduated from the Military University Of Technology in Warsaw with the master degree in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS. She obtained the BSc diploma (2014) for the dissertation entitled “ Evaluation of the Landsat 8 data for burn scar mapping” and the MSc diploma (2016) for the dissertation entitled: “The use of remote sensing data to determine of the effects of the environmental disaster”.

She started her professional career working for the companies specialized in Geographic Information Systems. She was involved in the creating various databases i.e. EMUiA, EGiB, BDOT and GESUT. In 2018 she joined to the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography. She deals with the construction and verification of databases.



Participation in research projects:

Former forests (2018-2020) Identification of forests on former farmland based on available satellite data

CORINE Land Cover 2018 (2018) Construction of the CORINE Land Cover 2018 database, service for Poland, verification and improvement of High Resolution Layers - HRL

Recent publications:

A. Mironczuk, A. Leszczyńska, A. Hościło,  2020, Copernicus Program as a source of information on the dominant leaf type in Poland – assessment of the accuracy of the national high resolution layer, DOI: 10.26202/sylwan.2019084