MSc Eng. Patryk Grzybowski

MSc Eng. Patryk Grzybowski was graduated from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Forestry in the field of spatial management. The title of his Eng. thesis was Local spatial managment plans in a geoportal of Otwock and the title of his Mcs thesis was Using of airbone laser scanning data in urban stocktaking.

He has been working at the Remote Sensing Centre IGiK since April 2017. He is involved in the following projects: ESA LPVP, NCBiR GyroScan and Corine Land Cover. Patryk Grzybowski is a part of team which collects data in a field. His main areas of interests are concentrated on using remote sensing methods in agriculture and urban areas.


Participation in research projects:

JECAM POLAND Joint Experiment of Crop Assessment and Monitoring

ESA IRRSAT (2017-2019) Irrigation Factor 4 potato growth using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data

NCBiR GyroScan (2017-2019) - Elaboration of innovative method for monitoring the state of agrocenosis with the use of remote sensing gyro system in terms of precision farming

Copernicus Land Monitoring (2017-2018) - CORINE Land Cover 2018

ESA LPVP (2016-2018) - Land Products Validation and Characterisation in support to Proba-V, S-2 and S-3 missions

Recent publications / presentations / posters:

Dabrowska-Zielinska K., Musial J., Malinska A., Budzynska M., Gurdak R., Kiryla W., Bartold M., Grzybowski P., 2018, Soil Moisture in the Biebrza Wetlands Retrieved from Sentinel-1 Imagery, Remote Sensing 2018 10(12) 1979. doi:10.3390/rs10121979 PAPER

Bochenek Z., Dąbrowska-Zielińska K., Gurdak R., Niro F., Bartold M., Grzybowski P., 2017, Validation of the LAI biophysical product derived from Sentinel-2 and Proba-V images for winter wheat in western Poland, Geoinformation Issues, Vol. 9, No. 1(9), pp. 15-26. PAPER

Dabrowska-Zielinska K., Niro F., Bochenek Z., Gurdak R., Bartold M., Grzybowski P., 2017, Land products validation of Sentinel-2, Proba-V and Sentinel-3 missions for agriculture and grasslands areas: comparison to Copernicus biophysical parameters, SPIE. Remote Sensing, 11-14 September 2017, Warsaw. POSTER