MSc Eng. Wanda Kowalik

MSc Eng. Wanda Kowalik - research worker in Remote Sensing Department, IGiK. Main research activities concern satellite data analysis, multi-sensor data fusion for environmental applications, image classification, GIS techniques applied to the integration of data originating from various sources. She worked out atmospheric correction models on thermal and optical range of satellite images. She was involved in projects concentrated on the discrimination of agricultural crops on microwave images. She has been participated in the international research projects concerning soil moisture investigation for agricultural crops using ERS, integrated methods based on remote sensing data for the monitoring and evaluation of natural and cultivated landscape vegetation for status, stress and drought, and in EU Projects under the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes: Geoland1, Ceubiom, Geoland2. She is a co-author of many articles in scientific journals and conference papers.


Recent publications:

  • Kowalik W., Dabrowska-Zielinska K., Meroni M., Raczka T. U., de Wit A., 2014, Yield estimation using SPOT-VEGETATION products: A case study of wheat in European countries, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Vol. 32, pp. 228-239, doi:10.1016/j.jag.2014.03.011. PAPER
  • Dabrowska-Zielinska K., Budzynska M., Kowalik W., Malek I., Gatkowska M., Bartold M., Turlej K., Biophysical Parameters Assessed from Mircrowave and Optical Data, International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications, 2012, vol. 58, No 2, pp. 99-104. PAPER


  • Dabrowska-Zielinska K., Kowalik W., Budzynska M., Malek I., Bochenek Z., 2011, Assessment of evapotranspiration and soil moisture for Biebrza wetlands using thermal remote sensing and in-situ data, Proceedings of 31st EARSeL Symposium, 30 May-2 June Prague Czech Republic, pp. 281-288.
  • Maslikowski L., Krysik P., Dabrowska-Zielinska K., Kowalik W., Bartold M., 2011, Preliminary results of ground reflectivity measurements using noise radar, Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 8008, session 8.