Offer of a post-doc position at the IGIK Center for Applied Geomatics

Added on: 30 May 2022

The Centre of Applied Geomatics at the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw, Poland, offers a post-doc position in the project funded by the National Science Centre (NCN) OPUS21 entitled: “Assessment of the impact of weather conditions on forest health status and forest disturbances at regional and national scale based on the integration of ground and space-based remote sensing datasets”.    


  1. PhD in Geography, Environmental Science, Forestry or other related fields (obtained not earlier than 7 years before the year of employment in the project, in exceptional cases [sick or rehabilitation leaves, maternal leave] this period can be extended - for details please see the NCN regulations:
  2. Significant record of scientific achievements: publications and conference presentations;
  3. Experienced in the analysis of satellite remote sensed data and meteorological data;
  4. Experienced in a time series analysis, statistical and geospatial analysis;
  5. Familiar with the climatic variables;
  6. Programming skills preferably Python or R;
  7. Knowledge of forestry and forestry databases would be an advantage.
  8. Good English writing and speaking skills (at least level B2/C1).

Task description:

To examine the spatio-temporal relationship between indicators of forest condition derived from satellite data, forest disturbances and climatic variables. To verify the applicability of MODIS-based products for discrimination and monitoring of forest condition at regional and national scale.

The main tasks:

  1. To examine a long-term trend and anomalies of spectral indicators derived from MODIS data and climatic variables;
  2. To collect and analyse a long-term meteorological data record;
  3. To couple spectral indicators with the climatic variables and forest disturbance records at the regional and country scale;
  1. To compare the temporal anomalies of vegetation indices with the forest disturbance data;
  2. To examine the applicability of MODIS-based products for discrimination and monitoring of forest condition at regional and national scale.
  3. To prepare reports and to publish the research results in peer-reviewed journals and presenting at national and international conferences;
  4. To collaborate with the project team and to attend the project meetings.

Condition of employment

  • Full time position
  • 26 months contract
  • Salery: 10 000 PLN per month (before taxing)
  • Position started: no later than 1st September 2022

Application deadline: 25 June 2022


The application should contain the following documents/information:

  1. CV including scientific achievements and experience as well as contact information of two references;
  2. Copy of a PhD diploma or a document confirming the submission of PhD thesis
  3. Letter of intent (maximum 1 page)

Application documents (in pdf format) in English should be sent electronically to the principal investigator of the project dr hab. Agata Hościło, prof. IGiK (e-mail: and to the IGIK’s secretary (e-mail:; (email subject: Post-doc NCN OPUS21)

Selected candidates will be invited for an interview. The applications will be assessed in accordance with the criteria included in Regulations for awarding NCN scholarships for NCN-funded research projects (Annex to Resolution No 25/2019 of the NCN Council)

Please include the following statement in your application: "In accordance with the personal data protection act from 29th August 1997, I hereby agree to process and to store my personal data by the Institution for recruitment purposes".

For further information concerning the project, application procedure, the applicant is strongly advised to contact the PI of the project dr hab. Agata Hościło, prof. IGiK (e-mail address:

More about the project is in the following link: