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Proceedings of the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography - No 102, Vol. XLVIII

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Scientific session papers presented during prof. Wojciech Janusz jubilee, Warsaw, March 28 2001

Bogdan Ney
Prof. Wojciech Janusz – Engineer - Geodesist,  Outstanding Scientist, Known Innovator

Roman Ciesielski
Changes of state of engineering constructions, their reasons and control measurements

Witold Prószyński
Contribution of Prof. Wojciech Janusz to improvement of methods of handling measurement results and analyses in engineering geodesy

Stefan Przewłocki
Engineering geodesy – closer to geodesy and cartography or to civil and water engineering

Lubomir W. Baran
Geodetic System of Permanent GPS Stations in Poland

Alojzy Wasilewski, Zofia Rzepecka
Application of GPS in engineering geodesy

Jan Gocał
The selected technologies of engineering measurements based on use of electronic instruments

Adam Żurowski
Geodetic control measurements of sea constructions

Jerzy Bernasik
Present situation and perspectives of measurements of deformations

Stefan Cacoń
Problem of reliability of geodetic measurements of deformations of engineering objects in relation object – rock mass

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