Ground Deformations

Integrated system for monitoring ground deformations using radar interferometry with persistent scatterers

Project leader: PhD Dariusz Ziolkowski
Duration: March 2014 - February 2017

The main aim of the project is to elaborate the integrated system for monitoring ground deformations using satellite radar interferometry with PSInSAR persistent scatterers, precise levelling and measurements from permanent GNSS stations. The research is carried out within Warsaw area and in its surroundings. The study is done both for large area movements of Warsaw Pan and for local deformations caused by metro construction and other elements of infrastructure.

In the radar interferometry project the following types of microwave data are used:
- ERS-1/2 data collected from 1992 till 2010 (over 300 images)
- ENVISAT data collected between 202 and 2010 (over 200 images), acquired from nine different ascending and descending orbits
- High-resolution CosmoSkymed images collecterd from 2011 till 2016 (over 100 images)

Measurements from permanent GPS stations will serve for absolute georeferencing of the results, while precise levelling and the dedicated experiment will be used for assessing accuracy of the proposed solution. Determination of local and regional ground deformations will be interpreted in the context of geological structure of the study area and impact of technical infrastructure objects on ground.

Project consortium:
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (project leader)
The Warsaw Surveying Company S.A.
Building Research Institute