Field measurements

For many years Department of Remote Sensing has been providing field measurements during vegetation time. We measure soil and vegetation indices to check, correlate and compare with the satellite data. Our results are being used in various research projects and grants.

The studies are being performed in the area of Biebrza National Park and on the arable lands of Greater Poland Voivodeship.

Department of Remote Sensing have got many professional instruments for conducting those sorts of researches. We measure:
- volumetric soil moisture; measured between 5 and 15 cm of depth (5x TRIME-FM, IMKO, Germany)
- Leaf Area Index 2x LAI-2000 Plant Canopy Analyzer, LI-COR, USA)
- biomass
- solar radiation (AccuPAR LP-80,DECAGON DEVICES,INC., USA)
- radiation temperature of plant (2x handheld infrared thermometer, EVEREST INTERSCIENCE INC., USA)
- radiant flux (Radiometer, model 100Ax-M and model 100BX-MTS, EXOTECH INC.)
- CO2 exchange is performed by a simple static chamber method (gas concentration and air temperature was registered with a portable non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor (SenseAir®, SE).



Well also carry out meteorogical measurements.

In the third quarter of 2011, Department of Remote Sensing came into possession of a fully mobile meteorological station manufactured by Campbell Scientific. The company has over 40 years of experience in production and provision of equipment for meteorological measurements while maintaining quality standards in accordance with ISO norms.

The station is equipped with a high quality certified sensor for registration of air temperature and humidity (link), and an anemometer recording wind speeds and directions (link). The additional sensor measures solar (range: 305 to 2800 nm) and far-infrared radiation (range: 4500 to 50000 nm) - link. Available software provides the ability to collect any number of combinations of parameters recorded by the sensors with any given frequency.

Nearly two-meter tripod, specially selected for the used sensors can be set in any terrain and meteorological parameters can be recorded in any weather conditions.