34th Symposium of the Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories – EARSeL

34th Symposium of the Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories – EARSeL will be take place from June 16 till June 19, 2014. The Symposium is organized by the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw at the premises of the Faculty, Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28 in Warsaw. The co-organizers of the Symposium are: Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and Space Research Centre.

The main topic of the Symposium is “European remote sensing – new opportunities for science and practice”. The papers will be presented in 18 thematic sessions: climate, fluvial remote sensing, heritage, water  & wetlands, oceans, forest fires, unmanned airborne vehicles, instruments, methods, image processing, multi-temporal remote sensing, vegetation, hyperspectral data, developing countries, forestry, land cover, agriculture, 3D & urban studies.

The detailed program of the Symposium can be found here:
34th Symposium EARSeL program

In the course of the Symposium representatives of Remote Sensing Centre, IGiK will present the following oral papers:
Zbigniew Bochenek, Shailesh Shrestha, Iwona Malek
Application of various classification approaches and types of satellite data for mapping wetland habitats

Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska, Monika Tomaszewska, Maria Budzynska, Alicja Malinska, Iwona Malek
Modelling of carbon uptake for wetlands in relation to soil – vegetation parameters examined by satellites data

Agata Hoscilo, Konrad Turlej, Milena Napiorkowska
Can remotely sensed data be used to support monitoring of fires in Poland?

Agata Hoscilo, Andrzej Ciolkosz, Dariusz Ziołkowski, Milena Napiorkowska, Anna Debowska, Marta Gruziel
GIO Land Monitoring component in Poland

Matthew Ofwono, Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska, Joerg Kaduk, Virginia Nicolas-Perea
Improving the correlation between SMOS soil moisture product and field measurements

Shailesh Shrestha, Zbigniew Bochenek, Claire Smith
Extreme learning machine for classification of high-resolution remote sensing images

More information about Symposium and accompanying workshops / events can be found on the EARSeL website: