MSc Karol Paradowski

Karol Paradowski received his Master diploma in geography and remote sensing in 2004 at the Warsaw University. He is a high-level specialist of geographical information systems (GIS) and satellite remote sensing, with almost 10-years experience on the market of spatial analyses. After graduation, he was employed by several companies carrying out research and development in the field of satellite technologies:

- Geosystems Polska Sp. z o.o. (May 2007 – March 2015) where, as a GIS and remote sensing specialist, he have participated in international projects (GMES FM and Plan4Business), and was involved in data processing and analysis with eCognition - a software dedicated to satellite image classification.

- Definiens AG (currently Trimble Imaging) (May 2005 – February 2007), Munich, Germany, where he was employed as a software engineer for eCognition.