Classification of agricultural areas

Classification of agricultural areas

Annual land cover classifications of agricultural areas are performed as part of the projects conducted by the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography.  JECAM study site located at the wielkopolskie voivodship is used as a pilot area.

Fig.1. Location of JECAM Study Site in Poland. Credits: IGiK

Crop mapping is the initial phase; it takes place at the beginning of April and is then is repeated in June. The following crop species are recognized:

  • wheat,
  • triticale,
  • rye,
  • barley,
  • oats,
  • rape,
  • maize,
  • sugar beet,
  • potatoes,
  • alfalfa.

The data set is divided into test and verification fields. The classification is based on different approaches:

  • machine learning method Random Forest, RF;
  • Support Vector Machine, SVM;
  • algorithm of artificial neural networks, ANN.

The classification processes are carried out on optical images (Sentinel-2) and applying fusion of optical and radar data (Sentinel-1). The resulting classification image is transferred from the pixel level to the object level using the national land parcel integrated system (LPIS). All operations are performed in the R programming language environment.

Fig.2. Classification of agricultural area carried out on the basis of series of Sentinel-2 satellite images in 2020. Credits: IGiK


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