Polish-Norwegian Research Programme FINEGRASS

The Project “Effect of climatic changes on grassland growth, its water conditions and biomass” is funded from Polish-Norwegian Research Programme (http://www.ncbir.pl/en/norwaygrants) operated by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR).

Duration of the project: December 1, 2013 – November 30, 2016 (3 years).
Acronym of the project: FINEGRASS

Project contact: Professor Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska,
email: katarzyna.dabrowska-zielinska@igik.edu.pl phone: +48 22 3291974

Project objectives:

The proposal fits into the context of two thematic areas: Environment (sub-theme: rational use of natural resources, including rational water management), and Climate Change including polar research (sub-themes: impact of climate changes on ecosystem and biodiversity; assessment of the risk of climate changes in the context of agriculture, food production, water management).

The development of methods for grassland monitoring and examination of the impact of climatic changes on biomass growth is considered as an important tool in grassland management on the national, regional and the individual grassland scale. Remote sensing methods are considered very beneficial for grassland monitoring and management because there is not enough information about their condition in existing publications. The prime objective of the project is the assessment of the influence of climatic changes on grassland growth, its water conditions, biomass, and subsequently yield.

Enhanced collaboration between Poland and Norway in the field of the protection of the environment as well as in fulfilling requirements in grassland production monitoring sustain a second project’s objective. Thanks to large datasets of phenology observation of vegetation in Norway and also in some sites in Poland it will be very precious to examine how the changes in climate proceed from North Norway to the southern areas in Poland. Contrasting between Polish and Norwegian study sites will allow for testing the models over a wide range of climatic and geographic conditions.

Spatial information on ecosystems concerning numerous biophysical parameters and their temporal changes is important for recognition of the state of environment and for determination the direction and cause of its changes. Such information is essential for climate models and could serve as the input to ESA Climate Change Initiatives.

Project research areas are:

• Assessment of impact of climate change on grassland growth conditions in different habitat types (lowland valley, lowland non-valley, mountainous, central Europe vs. Northern Norway).
• Estimation of the influence of grassland growth conditions on biomass increase, phenology and grassland yield.
• Development of method of grassland yield forecast based on RS data.
• Scientific description of the observed changes in grassland growth and development which influence the methods for management of grassland areas; elaboration of a reasonable model of grassland development and usage in the changing environment.
• Elaboration of the prognosis of environmental effects which are the consequence of a changing environment that affect modification in management of grasslands.

Project partners:
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK) – Remote Sensing Centre - Project Coordinator
Norwegian Institute of Agricultural and Environmental research, Center for Arctic Agriculture and Nature Use
(Bioforsk Nord)
Norwegian Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape (Skog og Landskap)
Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, Malopolska Research Centre in Krakow (MRS)
Poznan University of Life Sciences, Department of Grassland and Natural Landscape Sciences (PULS)