Remote sensing

About Remote Sensing Centre

Remote Sensing Centre has a long tradition of using Earth Observation data date back to the 1976 year. Activities of the Remote Sensing Department cover the broad range of research and application-oriented works related to the use of various satellite images and products for deriving information on environmental aspects. Our research covers the following topics: agriculture, which includes: forecasting of yield, drought detection, crop recognition and crop condition assessment; estimates of heat and carbon fluxes between surface and air, detection of soil moisture changes in wetlands areas, hydrological aspects, bioenergy, forests, natural hazards: floods, forest fires and landslides as well as land cover and land cover changes.
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Current / finished projects

All about international and national research projects carried out at Remote Sensing Center: ESA IRRSAT, ESA Service4Drought, ESA SAT4EST, ESA LPVP, ESA POLWET, ESA SERENE, ESA ASAP, Polish-Norwegian WICLAP, FINEGRASS and in-situ measurements for calibration and validation of Earth Observation data over Biebrza Wetlands Sentinel-1 Supersite and agricultural land in Greater Poland Voivodeship JECAM POLAND.
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