Calibration and Validation of Earth Observation data

JECAM Poland

JECAM Joint Experiment of Crop Assessment and Monitoring. Photo:
In 2017 Remote Sensing Centre joined the JECAM initiative - Joint Experiment of Crop Assessment and Monitoring. The overrarching goal of JECAM is to reach a convergence of approaches, develop monitoring and reporting protocols and best practices for a variety of global agricultural systems. Study site is located in Western Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship (NUTS 2 PL41), approx. 50 km to Poznan. The site is 25 km x 25 km with the area of focused study and research at 10 x 10 km.
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LI-COR EC station. Credits: LI-COR Biosciences
LPVP project, funded by European Space Agency, aims to support Proba-V, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Cal/Val activities and support activity of ESA’s Sensor Performances, Products and Algorithm (SPPA) section, which is responsible for mission end-to-end performances assessment, algorithm evolution and Cal-Val activities.

Field campaigns measurements are being taken at wetland and agricultural areas in Poland and used for validation of derived EO remote sensing data.

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ESA Sentinel-1 Soil Moisture Product Validation

Biebrza National Park. Credits: Shutterstock
In the scope of proposed project two S-1 SM validation sites covering grassland and marshland are located in the Biebrza Wetlands (Poland). Environmental conditions between both sites vary in respect to a SM level, vegetations density and type of grass cover. This diversity will allow to evaluate the S-1 SM products across a wide range of conditions and to conduct extensive research concerning water, carbon and energy cycles within a unique wetland ecosystem.
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BioPar CMS

PASTiS57° system over winter wheat. Photo credits: IGiK
Within the frame of Geoland2 BioPar Core Mapping Service, Remote Sensing Centre at IGiK in cooperation with The French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) participated in validation of BioPar satellite products.

The PASTiS57° systems were mounted in Poland, at Wielkopolska agriculture field sites over followed crops: winter wheat, winter rye, spring barley, spring oat, triticale, rape, corn, sugar beet, grass and alfalfa.

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