Land Products Validation and Characterisation in support to Proba-V, S-2 and S-3 missions

Project Category: ESA Express Procurement Plus – EXPRO+
Duration of the project: 1.04.2016 – 31.03.2018
Acronym of the project: LPVP
Reference: ESA-IPL-POE-SBo-sp-RFP-2015-708

Principal Investigator: prof. Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska, Remote Sensing Centre IGiK
email:, phone: +48 22 3291974

The objectives of the project are:

  • to develop and test a methodology for deriving biophysical variables from the synergetic exploitation of current and future ESA optical sensor missions (Proba-V, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3) and additional EO and ancillary data
  • to contribute to the definition of the land products validation approach for the current and future ESA optical missions
  • to plan and carry out field campaigns measurements of: vegetation cover LAI, fAPAR, carbon balance, biomass wet and dry, soil moisture, vegetation phenology, vegetation hazards, crop yield, biomass growth. These measurements will be taken at wetland and agricultural areas in Poland and used for validation of derived EO remote sensing data
  • to contribute to the assessment of products quality and calibration performances for the relevant ESA optical missions
  • to support Proba-V, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Cal/Val activities and support activity of ESA’s Sensor Performances, Products and Algorithm (SPPA) section, which is responsible for mission end-to-end performances assessment, algorithm evolution and Cal-Val activities.
  • to support the exploitation of the derived products for various land applications as wetlands and agriculture monitoring.

Right: ESA LPVP Project poster to be presented at ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. Credits: IGiK. Click thumbnail for view full-size.

The project is being organized in the form of seven main tasks, which are related to ESA optical sensor missions Proba-V, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3:

1. Scientific review and requirements consolidation
2. Algorithms and methods definition
3. Validation plan and field campaigns
4. Algorithms and methods validation
5. Support to Proba-V, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Calibration/Validation activity
6. Land monitoring applications
7. Project outreach

Left: Study area encompasses complex of agricultural lands in western Poland and habitats of Biebrza Wetlands in northeastern Poland (highlighted in yellow). Credits: IGiK