Agriculture / Drought

Crop growth monitoring and yield forecast in Poland

The yield prognosis based on vegetation indices derived from satellite data from NOAA/AVHRR and TERRA/MODIS satellites are made by our specialists.

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Agricultural drought monitoring

In the Remote Sensing Centre crop growth conditions are monitored with the use of models based on NOAA/AVHRR satellite data. Condition of vegetation is presented for agricultural areas spatially.

For determining areas threaneted with drought index of identification of agricultural drought - DISS is applied. The index is strictly related to rainfall and air temperature since start of vegetation season. Models are based on radiation temperature derived for each 1 sq. km area (NOAA pixel) and for every 10-day period within vegetation season. Using satellite indices, which characterize plant phenology and their water requirements in particular phases of crop development, drought intensity and its impact on yield reduction is determined. The monitoring is conducted since autumn sowing through spring crop development till harvest.

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Crop yield estimation over Europe

Crop yield estimation over Europe. Photo credits: iStock
Within CROP CIS, Geoland2 Global Crop Monitoring module Institute of Geodesy and Cartography has been conducted works related to inter-comparison of various methods for estimating crop acreages and yields in global / regional scale, which are based on multi-temporal remote sensing derived information.

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Crop recognition

The Earth is being monitored continuously by satellites. Data derived from those satellites allows us to monitor agriculture areas and to analyse the conditions of various crops recognition.
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ESA EOStat Services for Earth Observation-based statistical information for agriculture

Barley. Credits: iStock
The EOStat project aims at developing an EO-based system to support operational activities of Statistics Poland related to gathering statistical information on agriculture. The project focuses on two main research areas: crop growth monitoring and crop yield forecasting based on Sentinel-3 data, and crop type classification based on Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 data.
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ESA IRRSAT - Irrigation factor for potato growth

Potato cultivation: Credits:
The goal of the project is to create pre-demonstration System for Irrigation of crop (potato) fields based on Earth Observation (EO) and in-situ data. The detailed objectives are: 1) to develop and calibrate a model of soil moisture assessment based on S1 and S2 data using in situ results; 2) to validate the SM model using an independent set of measurements, and assess its accuracy, applicability and limitations; 3) to develop the model of irrigation factor value calculation throughout the growth period; 4) to establish a soil moisture and irrigation factor as pre-demonstrator product and present it for validation and provide dissemination between users from agriculture market.

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ESA Service 4 Drought Monitoring applying Satellite Data

Agricultural drought. Credits: iStock
The goal of the project is to create multi-level information System for Drought Monitoring based on Earth Observation (EO) and in-situ data, delivering its services in an operational way for water demanding industry, such as: energy sector, agriculture, environment as surface waters, forest.
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Autumn conditions for winter crops

The map of agricultural condition in september-october period in Poland on the satellite data NOAA/AVHRR.
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Frozen winter cereals

Observations of areas with frozen winter cereals are made at the Remote Sensing Centre. There are applied optical images registered from satellites NOAA, TERRA and WorldView-2.
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ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 for biomass and soil moisture assessment

Agriculture in Poland. Credits: Fotolia
The objectives of the proposal is to develop the method to deliver innovative information on wetlands, forest and crops and their biomass and moisture conditions with high spatial and temporal resolution of ALOS-2 and Sentinel-1 microwave data with different polarization and incidence angle. The optical data from Sentinel-2 will be added and the synergy of information will be designed in order to depict the soil - vegetation features. The vegetation biomass, density, height, soil moisture, vegetation moisture, LAI, APAR, chlorophyll will be measured at the ground during the satellite overpass.

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Assessment of soil moisture

We are carrying out research concerning assessment of soil moisture based on microwave and optical satellite data.
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Observations of snow coverage

Analysis of snow coverage in country or regional scale is the important element needed for evaluation of crop development conditions. Range and period of covering agricultural areas with snow implies conditions of surviving winter cereals through winter time, as well as it determines water capacity of soils at the beginning of growing season, influencing acceleration or delay in crop development.
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Agriculture - water pollution

Within the framework of PECS project we estimate agricultural influence over the quality of water.
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