Geodesy and Geodynamics

Led by a team of Centre for research and development in the field of geodesy and geodynamics include the wider issues of higher geodesy, physical geodesy, satellite geodesy, astronomy, geodesy, geodynamics, metrology and the theory of development and processing of the survey data. They relate to complex issues related to the establishment and modernization of the basic geodetic, ie. Three-dimensional warp and warp altitude, warp warp gravimetric and magnetic, as well as issues of integration of these matrices. Research conducted by a team from the Centre for the use of precise geodetic measurements are used in the monitoring of civil engineering structures. Variability in the time of global reference systems and describe their parameters, plate tectonics on a regional and local level, and instability during the gravity field, in particular the magnetic field, the need for ongoing or periodic surveying, satellite, gravity and magnetic, their development, as well as improvement of observing techniques and models used. An important role in the implementation of the tasks assigned to the Centre to play the work carried out within the framework of international programs with the use of observational material collected in the Observatory of Geodesy and Geophysics Borowa Gora. Introduction of new measuring techniques, in particular satellite technology used for the precise determination of positions and techniques to measure the acceleration of gravity and improving measurement technology requires addressing a number of issues of a theoretical nature and problems of a technical nature, for example. Geoid with high accuracy and resolution, unification reference systems , standardization development of precise GPS observations and many others.

Astronomical Almanac

The Astronomical Almanac is compiled and published by the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography in Warsaw, annually since 1946, since 2002 also in pdf, and as of 2015 in part version "on-line".

The Yearbook is the source of data used in the astro-geodetical measurements, and the source of up-to-date information about the latest systems and reference frames adopted by the International Astronomical Union and the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. It is also the source of many astronomical data used in teaching astronomy and geodesy, and by amateurs.

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