Geoinformation Issues

Geoinformation Issues Vol. 10, No 1, 2018

ISSN 2300-4916
Hard copy of the journal is its primary version

Walyeldeen Godah, Andenet A. Gedamu, Tulu B. Bedada
On the contribution of dedicated gravity satellite missions to the modelling of the Earth gravity field – A case study of Ethiopia and Uganda in East Africa

Elzbieta Welker, Anna Jedrzejewska
A study of changes in the Earth's magnetic field in Poland in the years 1954-2017; reducing the archival values of magnetic declination at the points of the magnetic
network to a uniform epoch

Radoslaw Gurdak, Patryk Grzybowski
Feasibility study of vegetation indices derived from Sentinel-2 and PlanetScope satellite images for validating the LAI biophysical parameter to monitoring development stages of winter wheat

Patryk Grzybowski, Radoslaw Gurdak
Changes in the built-up areas at the aeration wedges of City of Warsaw

Michal Kaluski, Agata Hoscilo, Radoslaw Gurdak
Accuracy assessment of the Copernicus Buildings Height 2012 layer based on the city of Warsaw

Joanna Tuszynska, Martyna Gatkowska, Karolina Wrobel, Katarzyna Jagiello
The pilot study on determining approximate date of crop harvest on the basis of Sentinel-2 satellite imagery

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