Geoinformation Issues

Geoinformation Issues Vol. 2, No 1, 2010

ISSN 2300-4916

Jaakko Mäkinen, Marcin Sękowski, Jan Kryński
The use of the A10-020 Gravimeter for the Modernizationof the Finnish First Order Gravity Network

Stanisław Lewiński, Zbigniew Bochenek, Konrad Turlej
Application of object-oriented method for classifi cation of VHR satellite images using rule-based approach and texture measures

Albina Mościcka, Marek Marzec
Interactive map of movable cultural heritage

Adam Linsenbarth, Albina Mościcka
The infl uence of the Bible geographic objects peculiarities on the concept of the spatiotemporal geoinformation system

Konrad Turlej, Maciej Bartold, Stanisław Lewiński
Analysis of extent and effects caused by the fl ood wave in May and June 2010 in the Vistula and Odra River Valleys

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