Chlorophyll fluorescence measurements of peatbogs in Biebrza Valley

In-situ chlorophyll fluorescence measurements in support of remote sensing in researches on state and condition of peatbogs in Biebrza Valley

The Project is funded by the National Science Centre, Poland (NCN) via MINIATURA 5 grant no. 2021/05/X/ST10/00850.

Project leader: dr. Maciej Bartold
email:, phone: +48 22 3291970
Duration of the project: 2.12.2021 – 1.12.2022

Project goal:

The main goal of the project is to plan and carry out field measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence at wetlands in Biebrza Valley. In addition a complex database containing ground-based measurements will be provided to facilitate performing calibration and validation of satellite data.

Task description:

Multiple field campaigns will be conducted within the growing season from March to September 2022. In order to do chlorophyll fluorescence measurements OS5p+ advanced modulated fluorometer will be used for determining following parameters: F0 - initial fluorescence; FM – maximum fluorescence; TFM – time to reach maximal chlorophyll fluorescence FM; FV = FM – FV - variable fluorescence; FV/FM – maximum quantum efficiency of photosystem II (PSII). Moreover, additional ground measuremets characterizing soil moisture with TRIME-PICO64 and vegetation status (LAI index) with LI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer will be conducted. New groundbased measurements database will help as a tool to support SEN2FLEX campaing (ang. The SENtinel-2 and FLuorescence EXperiment), aimed at development of new algorithms for fluorescence retrievals from satellite data.

Project dissemination:

Bartold M., Kluczek M., 2023, A Machine Learning Approach for Mapping Chlorophyll Fluorescence at Inland Wetlands, Remote Sensing 2023, Vol.15(9), 2392. doi:10.3390/rs15092392 PAPER