MSc Maciej Bartold

MSc Maciej Bartold graduated from the University of Warsaw, Department of Geography and Regional Studies in 2008. For his MSc. degree he was studying forest classification using hyperspectral image Hyperion (EO-1). In 2009, he completed post-graduate study in the Military University of Technology about GIS, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and its implementation in national economy, country defence and environment protection.

His researches are focused on analyzing vegetation conditions and monitoring natural disasters applying time-series of satellite images derived from Terra.MODIS, SPOT Vegetation and Proba-V missions. Mr Bartold is also involved in field data collection in order to analyze vegetation conditions over wetlands and agricultural areas in Poland. He is an author and co-author of publications in international and Polish journals and peer reviewed conference proceedings.

Participation in research projects:

JECAM POLAND Joint Experiment of Crop Assessment and Monitoring

ESA LPVP (2016-2018) Land Products Validation and Characterisation in support to Proba-V, S-2 and S-3 missions

ESA POLWET (2015-2017) System for new space-based products for wetlands under Ramsar Convention – pilot Project for Poland supporting future GlobWetland

NCBiR Polish-Norwegian Research Programme WICLAP (2013-2016) Ecosystem stress from the combined effects of winter climate change and air pollution - how do the impacts differ between biomes?

ESA PECS CARBON (2009-2012) Study and implement remote sensing techniques for the assessment of carbon balances for different biomasses and soil moistures within various ecosystems

C1P.7847 (2010-2012) Application of microwave images for the area flooded in May and June 2010 in Poland

FP7: Geoland2 (2008-2012) Towards operational GMES Land Monitoring Core System.

Laureate of Top 500 Innovators: Science - Management - Commercialization - programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education supporting innovation in science, 2013.

Recent publications:

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