System for new space-based products for wetlands under Ramsar Convention – pilot Project for Poland supporting future GlobWetland - POLWET

Duration of the project: 1.07.2015 – 30.06.2017
Acronym of the project: POLWET
Reference: P/ESA/2014/AO/1-7824/POLWET

Principal Investigator: prof. Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska, Remote Sensing Centre IGiK
email:, phone: +48 22 3291974
Co-investigator: CUBE ITG

In order to see the maps supporting wetland management please visit our website POLWET.EU

The objectives of the project are:

- to establish wetlands monitoring system and create the dedicated EO-based information service as a platform enabling on-line accessibility of the final products to the end-users, adjustable to user’s needs at local, regional and national level

- the information service on special portal based on Earth Observation (EO) data, capable to generate in an operational way a set of products as geo-information maps and indicators for the Ramsar sites in Poland. These will be useful for appropriate sustainable wetlands management and conservation, by offering the products such as: land use/land use changes, changes of water surface, floods extend, moisture conditions, biomass development and changes

- to focus on user driven development and demonstration of Earth Observation Products dedicated for decision makers, for Ramsar Contracting Parties, regional stakeholders education opportunities

- evaluation of operational value of EO-based products proposed for wetland management, considering feedback from end-users and validation activities

Ramsar Convention protected areas in Poland overlaid CORINE Land Cover 2012

Project dissemination:

  • Dabrowska - Zielinska K., Bartold M., Gurdak R., 2016, POLWET – System for new space-based products for wetlands under RAMSAR Convention, Geoinformation Issues, Vol. 8, No. 1(8), pp. 25-35. PAPER