Seminarium Seasonal crustal deformation in Himalayas induced by hydrological loading

Dodano: 01 lutego 2019

11 lutego 2019 roku w Instytucie Geodezji i Kartografii odbędzie się seminarium dr Jagat Dwipendra Ray pt.: „Seasonal crustal deformation in Himalayas induced by hydrological loading”

The on-going convergence of Indian and Eurasian plate resulted in building the fragile Himalayan Mountains. Indian subcontinent receives a large amount of rainfall during summer monsoon and is the main cause of hydrological mass change.  Seasonal Hydrological mass change not only deform the Earth crust, but also has the potential to perturb the seismic activity, and it can be observed by geodetic techniques such as the Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS) and the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE). The main aim of this seminar is to present the seasonal deformation in the Himalayas obtained using GNSS and GRACE data.