MSc Eng. Adam Stalka

Adam Stalka is a graduate of the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection at University of Science and Technology in Cracow, where he completed first-cycle studies in the field of Mining and Geology and second-cycle studies in the field of Applied Geology with a specialty in Geological Cartography. In his diploma theses, he used LiDAR to develop issues related to mass movements. As part of an engineering project, he documented one of the landslides in the southern part of Cracow, while in his master's thesis he studied the landslides of the Gorce Mountains and its relationship with the geological structure. The main aspect of these studies was the analysis of the spatial distribution of landslides in the Gorce Mountains in relation to lithological differences in flysch packages and influence of dip and dip direction to the morphometric parameters of the slopes in relation to the distribution of landslides.

During his studies, he had the opportunity to work as a geologist's assistant in the Research and Design Office of Geology and Environmental Protection "GEOBIOS" located in Czestochowa, as well as to serve as the vice-president of the Academic Branch of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society in Cracow. Privately, he deals with sports and tourist orienteering, he is a licensed competitor, judge, cartographer of the Polish Orienteering Federation, and a member of the Polish Trail Orienteering National Team.


Participation in research projects:

Identification of forests on post-agricultural land