Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods or fires become more and more common phenomena in Europe. In August 2017, strong wind accompanied by heavy thunderstorms caused severe damage over the large area in central and western Poland. According to rapid damage assessment prepared by the State Forests authorities a few days after the windthrow, ca 79.7 thousand hectares of forest was damaged and 9.8 million of cubic meters of wood was lost. Assessment of such a large−scale forest damage is difficult without using the remote sensed data. In this study, we examined the potential of the European satellite Sentinel−2 data for assessment of the forest damage caused by the windthrow.

Source: Hościło A., Lewandowska A., 2018, Zastosowanie danych z satelity Sentinel−2 do szacowania rozmiaru szkód spowodowanych w lasach huraganowym wiatrem w sierpniu 2017 roku, Sylwan, Vol. 162 (8), pp. 619-627.