USeEO – Custom EO Tools for Resilience Management in Poland

This project aims to develop and validate a set of customized Earth Observation (EO) derived information products to support the different stakeholders working in the resilience sector in Poland and verify the utility and benefits resulting from the use of these products.

The consulted end-users have identified the following areas of interest to be addressed within this project:

  • detection of damages in the area of crisis situation,
  • monitoring of land cover changes in risk areas,
  • detection of areas prone to local flooding from underground waters,
  • monitoring of ice cover on rivers using VHR data,
  • monitoring of water bodies extend using VHR data,
  • monitoring of land subsidence,
  • integration of the various information layers into an integrated assessment capability for
  • resilience management.

For each of the above mentioned use cases, the project consortium will provide a set of customised products and digital service based on EO data, which will be exploited and examined by the first responders.

Through the close collaboration with the end users, constructive feedback on the practical utility of the listed products in the emergency situations and decision making processes will be gathered and transformed into helpful information to further support the users’ actions and decision making process and provide guidelines for the possible next steps to support practical implementation of EO solutions in the end-users' everyday work.

Apart from developing and validating a pre-defined set of EO products and IT solutions, the project results will contribute to:

  • prove the utility of EO data gathered within EU Copernicus Program,
  • develop cooperation framework between technology providers and end-users in the crisis management domain,
  • demonstrate that the access to EO data can be easy and intuitive for crisis responders,
  • develop the EO based products and services adjusted to the user needs, which can be easily integrated with other tools and integrated with an existing management systems,
  • develop Roadmap for future improvements and more advanced EO data implementation,
  • demonstrate the possibilities to extend developed EO-based solutions to other regions and countries.

The UseEO projekt is carried out under the Polish Industry Incentive Scheme within ESA. The consortium is led by Astri Polska, with CBK PAN, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and Satim Ltd. as partners.

Duration: 12 May 2021 - 11 May 2023