Flood extent mapping with microwave satellite images

ESA C1P.7847: Application of microwave images for the area flooded in May and June 2010 in Poland

The objective of the ESA project was to assess the area flooded in May and June 2010 in Poland. Data gathered by various satellites with radar sensor were used at the chosen test sites. These included microwave satellite images such as ALOS.PALSAR, ENVISAT.ASAR and ERS-2.SAR. Microwave satellite images were used for mapping the extent of flooding. Optical satellite images such as ENVISAT.MERIS and ALOS.AVNIR-2/PRISM registered before and after flood were used for mapping the type and area of land use classes which suffered from flooding. The maps of flood extension at chosen test sites were the main deliverables of the project. In GIS the topographic maps and land use classes affected by flood were included in the investigation. The damaged areas were monitored after the flood runs off. The thematic scope of the project makes an explicit reference to the current policy of the Polish Government.