MSc Adam Waśniewski

Msc Adam Waśniewski graduated geography, specialisation geoinformatics, cartography and remote sensing at Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw. The title of his bachelor’s thesis was “Analysis of land cover change and deforestation in the province Ngounie (Gabon) during the period 2003-2013” and master’s thesis “Assassment of Sentinel-2 satellite images for mapping of forest in Gabon”. He graduated in September 2018.

Adam has been working in the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography since June 2018. So far, he has worked on development of Corine Land Cover 2018 database, verification of high resolution layer (HRL) and on historical range of forests. Adam also is a part of team which collect data in a filed, in projects: NCBiR RPA- SA4POL and NCBiR Gyroscan.



Current projects:

Norway Grants - InCoNaDa (2020-2023) Enhancing the user uptake of Land Cover / Land Use information derived from the integration of Copernicus services and national databases

Identification of forests on former agricultural lands based on available satellite data (2018-2020); funding: State Forests National Forest Holdings

CORINE Land Cover 2018 (2017-2018)

Recent publications / presentations / posters:

Waśniewski A., Hościło A., Aune-Lundberg L. (2023). The impact of selection of reference samples and DEM on the accuracy of land cover classification based on Sentinel-2 data, Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment 32, 101035. PAPER

Waśniewski A., Hościło A., Aune-Lundberg L. (2023) Can we Improve the Accuracy of the Land Cover Classification by Pre-selection of the Reference Samples and Applying DEM in the Mountain Area in Norway? 42th EARSeL Symposium 2023, 3-6 July, Bucharest. ABSTRACT

Waśniewski A., Hościło A., Lewandowska A. (2022). Comparison of hierarchical and flat land cover classification of Sentinel-2 data. European Space Agency’s 2022 Living Planet Symposium. POSTER

Waśniewski A., Hościło A., Chmielewska M. (2022). Can a Hierarchical Classification of Sentinel-2 Data Improve Land Cover Mapping? Remote Sens. 2022, 14, 989. PAPER

Waśniewski A., Kałuski M., Hościło A., Lewandowska A., Chmielewska M., 2021, Can a Hierarchical Classification of Sentinel-2 Data Improve the Land Cover Mapping? 40th EARSeL Symposium 2021 European Remote Sensing-New Solutions for Science and Practice, 7-10 June, online hosted by the University of Warsaw. ABSTRACT

Waśniewski, Adam & Hoscilo, Agata & Zagajewski, Bogdan & Mouketou-Tarazewicz, Dieudonne. (2020). Assessment of Sentinel-2 Satellite Images and Random Forest Classifier for Rainforest Mapping in Gabon. Forests. 11. 941. 10.3390/f11090941. PAPER