JECAM Wielkopolska - międzynarodowy obszar do monitorowania stanu upraw i prognoz plonów

JECAM Joint Experiment of Crop Assessment and Monitoring

In 2017 Remote Sensing Centre joined the JECAM initiative - Joint Experiment of Crop Assessment and Monitoring. The overrarching goal of JECAM is to reach a convergence of approaches, develop monitoring and reporting protocols and best practices for a variety of global agricultural systems. JECAM will enable the global agricultural monitoring community to compare results based on disparate sources of data, using various methods, over a variety of global cropping systems. It is intended that the JECAM experiments will facilitate international standards for data products and reporting, eventually supporting the development of a global system of systems for agricultural crop assessment and monitoring Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has taken on the secretariat role of the JECAM project on behalf the GEO Agricultural Monitoring Community of Practice. (Credits:


Prof. Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska, Head of Remote Sensing Centre IGiK,

Project Overview:

Crop identification and acreage estimation:
Remote Sensing Centre at IGiK conducts researches aimed to develop remote sensing methods for annual land use and crop types mapping and yield assessment at the regional level.

Soil moisture: Information is required in near-real time (within hours) for watershed and field level estimates of absolute volumetric surface soil moisture and changes in soil moisture. Regional estimates are needed to define risk due to moisture anomalies. These regional estimates are to be provided on a twice/three times a month.

Crop biophysical variables (LAI): Information is needed frequently throughout the growing season (twice/three times a month). LAI estimates are to be assimilated into locally calibrated yield models, and to provide a more quantitative evaluation (relative to NDVI) of crop condition.

The mapping resolution is at 10 m from ESA satellites (Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2) and < 100 m from Canadian RADARSAT-2.

Study Site Description:

Location of JECAM Study Site in Poland

Study site is located in Greater Poland Voivodeship (NUTS 2 PL41), approx. 50 km to Poznan. The site is 25 km x 25 km (highlighted red) with the area of focused study and research at 10 x 10 km (highlighted yellow).

Crop Types: winter/spring wheat, winter/spring triticale, winter/spring barley, winter rape, winter rye, maize, sugar beets, alfalfa, potato, grass/herbaceous meadows

Crop Calendar: The crop calendar is September-July for winter crops, and April-October for spring and summer crops.

Climatic Zone:  temperate. Climate at site is moderately humid and cool, with annual rainfall of about 500 mm, which is relatively well distributed over the year. Year average temperature is approximately 8°C.

Soil Texture: The main soil texture is podzolic, brown and grey brown soils.

Landscape Topology : Flat terrain with the elevation range from 60 m to 90 m.

Irrigation infrastructure is not frequent. Only potatoes farmers use irrigation systems.


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